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Helping you (and your wallet) get from point A to point B in one piece


We work like your streaming service, gym membership, and food delivery apps – it's easy to protect with VzzBee™!

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Providing reliable coverage that everyday owners can trust

Everyone deserves peace of mind on their biggest purchases, so we've set ourselves apart from the bad buzz in our industry to deliver dependable protection products.

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At VzzBee, we do things the right way, so at the end of the day, you can be confident your budget is guarded by a brand you trust.

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Our modern, subscription–style products and The VzzBee Advantage combine to deliver a customer experience unlike any other in the protection industry.

VzzBee is a one–stop shop to find protection for all your family's most expensive purchases, like your Vehicle, Home, RV, and more!

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Explore our 12th-century brand inspiration

Visby Island originated as a medieval trading post east of the Swedish mainland in the Baltic Sea.

At VzzBee™, our mission is to protect our customers. And much like Visby Island, we deliver peace of mind with reliability that will stand the test of time.

Why VzzBee


Join us in supporting a mission we believe in

At VzzBee™, we believe it is our social responsibility to give back.
The Bee Conservancy is a non–profit organization, raising money to protect bees and build nature habitats, all while strengthening communities in the process.

Just as VzzBee protects our customers from events out of their control, The Bee Conservancy fights to improve our environment by supporting its greatest pollinators.

Save the Bees

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Did you know?

Bees pollinate 1 in 3 bites of food we eat.


Giving back to our community

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Youth Sports Programs

Giving kids opportunities to play sports they love.

Environmental Causes

This Earth is the only one we get, so let's take care of it.

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Veterans Service Organizations

Supporting the heroes who protect our everyday freedoms.

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Keep life sweet with VzzBee protection

Explore the one-stop shop for protecting your most important assets: Auto, Home, and more!

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